Personal Styling


MJH Studios is your personal resource into the world of fashion. While The Studio offers a curated selection of women’s fashion, personal styling services are available as well. After starting with a 1-on-1 consultation to articulate your wardrobe needs, you will have access to a vast in-house collection, and insider experience and connections.

The Studio specializes in—

  • Personal Styling Shopping Tours
  • Closet Editing and Outfit Pairings
  • Special Event Styling
  • One-Of-A-Kind Item Sourcing
  • Holiday Gift Shopping
  • Closed Door Fitting Sessions

Fashion consultation services will be offered in pre-paid packages. After a personalized consultation, the following options are available—

  • 3hr Package
  • 5hr Package

*Please inquire about pricing

Hours may be put into a “bank” and used at a later time. Packages may also be gifted. The Studio designates Monday and Tuesday of each week to private consultations. These appointments can be held in-studio, at your home, or on a shopping tour. Please schedule an appointment by emailing or calling (650)380-1134


While the majority of items in store are brand new pieces, MJH Studios also showcases consigned luxury goods. The selection process is centered around an item’s uniqueness, quality, authenticity, condition, and relevance in today’s sartorial culture. Please understand that the selection process is not personal, and aims to compliment the studio’s current collection.


  • For previously enjoyed items - 40% Commission Payout
  • For new / like new items - 45% Commission Payout

*All payouts will be in the form of check or store credit. Listing price will be determined by current trends, condition, brand, and overall demand. The Studio asks that all potential consignment items be dry cleaned prior to visit. To ensure a timely process, please schedule a consignment consultation by emailing or texting (650)380-1134 with availability.