Crystal Arabian Nights Candle

Reflections Copenhagen

In Stock$$495

Fine hand-cut crystal candle holder filled with soy-wax featuring notes of Middle Eastern spices and musk. Also features blue and orange colored base, emerald green votive body, opaque pink lid with an amber handle. Comes in luxury gift box. 40-hour approximate burn time. 


(6"H x 5.5"D) 5lbs.


About the Brand:

Reflections Copenhagen challenges traditional Scandinavian design aesthetics, offering handcrafted crystal homeware with a maximalist flair. Established in 2015 by designers Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson, the label provides a counterpoint to the clean lines, simple shapes, and understated colors prevalent in the work of its Danish contemporaries. Instead, the brand takes inspiration from the twentieth-century art deco movement, creating unconventional statement pieces ranging from geometric candleholders and seashell-inspired vases to cake stands and multicolor display trays. Richly pigmented crystal, handmade and cut by Danish artisans using the finest materials, offers outstanding clarity and light refraction. Blending retro-futurism with a contemporary spirit, Reflections Copenhagen designs glimmering sculptural objects that stand at the intersection of art and luxury.

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