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Gilded Seed Earrings w/ Emerald Studs

Gilded Seed Earrings w/ Emerald Studs

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Matte 24k yellow gold earrings cast over real floral seeds and adorned with cages and rough emeralds. 

(3.5" L)

"These are three seeds. They are completely dry when we pick them up from nature. We can manipulate them with a mold-free jewelry technique that allows us to metallize and dipped the seeds in gold. The seed will always be inside. Its textures and imperfections are highlighted so none of our pieces will be like the other."


About the Designer:

Alma comes to life in 2015 after several years of research and hard work, it is born from changes, from the exploration of nature and the combination with a passion for jewelry. All this procces take us to experimet ways to highlight the most subtle details, textures and shapes that can be found in nature.

With care we learned to capture nature in time and play homage through exclusive jewels. A mold-free technique allows us to immortalize flowers and plants to be later plated in gold, rose gold or silver and reflect the unique character of the treasures found in Colombian flora.


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